Premium Spam Filter Service

No more Spam – without additional Hardware or Software and without administration effort: Hornetsecurity’s  Managed Spam Filter Service is the optimal solution for spam protection for your business – from both  economical and technical point of view.


Spam filters are often unreliable and inflict high maintenance costs

Common software-based, internal Anti-Spam solutions are inconvenient for companies, since they come along with high installation- and maintenance effort, or they are even inappropriate because they are not reliable enough. Most Spam filter programs seemingly achieve high filter rates by sorting out mails that are in fact desired – the so-called “false-positives”. The damages caused by messages that do not reach their addressees in time or  – in the worst case – do not reach them at all add to extra costs for manual sorting through quarantined e-mail.

These facts in mind, it is obvious that those filter solutions, which grant high identification rates without any additional internal effort, are particularly interesting for companies.


Our solution to this problem: Managed E-Mail Security Service.

Hornetsecurity offers a comprehensive “Managed Service”, which reroutes all our client’s e-mails through Hornetsecurity’s servers. There they are analyzed by a line-up of filters using a large variety of complex algorithms. E-mails pass through an elaborate system of static, dynamic and self-learning filters including bayesian, heuristic, semantic and image filters, which block potentially dangerous mails and Spam effectively. You will get only those messages that you really want to have – the rest is staying with us.


Your advantages at a glance:

• Market leading 99.9% spam detection guaranteed with less than 0.0004% false positives
• Two independent virus filters
• Active protection from DoS (denial of service) attacks
• Automated e-mail and spam statistics
• No volume limit for e-mails and attachments
• Transport encryption via TLS
• Central mail relay over Hornetsecurity infrastructure
• Central management by Hornetsecurity with 24/7 monitoring
• No software, no hardware, no maintenance, no administrative subsequent work for you IT
• Fixed calculable costs
• Full 24/7 e-mail and phone support
• Operated through redundant, highly secured data centers.

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