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Email Fraud

A spike of fraud cases peaking on daily cases on early 2014.

Find out more how you can prevent fraudulent mails and scams from ever happing again!

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Cloud Email



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No More Spam

No Hardware

No Software

No Administration

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Spam Filter


For enterprises, antispameurope's managed
spam filter service offers the perfect solution
for spam protection - considering both
technical and economic aspects.

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Email Archive



Fully automatic 100% archiving
at affordable prices.

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Email Continuity



Email continuity service effectively protects
your email system from disruptions

Simply Good News

By using our fully managed solutions, you’ll only receive those messages that you really want to have, while the rest is staying with us. All threats from the Internet are being stopped reliably, long before they even reach your company’s network.

Hornetsecurity for CEOs

Premium security for corporate e-mail
Hornetsecurity’s Managed Services guarantee secure E-Mail communication, save costs and increase the productivity of your business.
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Hornetsecurity for IT Managers

Hassle-free e-mail operations – Win time for strategic tasks
Hornetsecurity’s Managed E-Mail Services relieve your corporate IT and guarantee failure-free e-mail operation – at lower total costs and for a fixed price.
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Hornetsecurity for Sales Partners

Close to the customer thanks to our partners
Hornetsecurity stands for highest quality and team play. Get to know more about our attractive partner program.
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Hornetsecurity for End Users

Your messages in good hands
Concentrate on your work – not on unpleasant data trash. With Hornetsecurity it's "simply good news".
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Is your company a victim of email fraud? and how does it occur?

Email fraud is on the rise and there is no point to point fingers at the staffs involved as they are mostly financial personnel and not I.T wizards. Check and see how you could raises the security level of your organization and be confidence from paying clients!

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Solutions on Email Fraud

Practical solution is now available from InternetNow! that effectively prevent this fraud from happening where the root is, the leak of the emails transactions.

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