Best Email Client Service for Businesses.

Hornet.email: The cloud-based corporate communications platform with the market’s most efficient filters for protection against spam and malware directly integrated. The secure email and collaboration environment, consisting of mailbox, calendar and address book, offers users maximum protection against spam, phishing, and other cyber threats based on multiple security levels and AI-based analysis. The market’s highest guaranteed spam and virus detection rates protect users not only from annoying spam email flooding but also from malicious infections by ransomware or spyware.

Use Case

The full protective potential of 365 Total Protection directly integrated within Hornet.email

Do you often work with external staff such as consultants or freelancers? Since they usually only communicate on behalf of your company for a certain period of time, you can do without additional Microsoft licenses:

Hornet.email is the ideal low-cost solution, which can be easily combined with Microsoft 365 and offers the same AI-based protection mechanisms as 365 Total Protection.

The same applies to employees who do not permanently need the full range of Microsoft 365 functions, as is often the case with warehouse and production employees. By using Hornet.email, they can still be reached under the existing domain in Tenant and are fully protected.

One domain, several email services

Save the Microsoft 365 license for freelancers, interns and Co. and use the inexpensive alternative Hornet.email. This allows you to manage several email services with only one domain – without having to compromise on your security standards.

Diverse features for collaborative teamwork

Hornet.email is the cost-effective secure hosted email alternative with a wide range of features for collaborative work, such as calendar, address book and tasks. Benefit now from the intuitive use of Hornet.email and advanced filter mechanisms for optimum protection.

Synchronisation on all devices

Access to Hornet.email and all features is possible via web interface and native clients as well as Outlook clients from all current PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile devices (iOS, Android).

Flexible, simple and safe without compromise

The booking options and combination possibilities for new as well as existing customers makes Hornet.email a flexible all-around solution that offer users a collaboration platform tailored to their needs with a variety of security features. Hornet.email can be booked in two different packages: The Starter Package includes the cloud-based Hornet.email platform and Hornet.email’s Spam and Malware Protection. With the Hornet.email Enterprise Package, you also benefit from the services Advanced Threat ProtectionEmail Encryption and Email Archiving. The Hornet.email Add-On offers existing customers the possibility to add as many mailboxes as they wish.

Hornet.email Packages

Starter Package

The Starter Package consists of the Hornet.email email platform and the automatically integrated Spam and Malware Protection. With a guaranteed spam detection rate of 99.9% and a virus detection rate of 99.99%, Spam and Malware Protection offers the highest detection rates on the market and reliably protects Hornet.email users from unwanted emails.


The Hornet.email Enterprise Package combines the concentrated protection potential of Hornetsecuritys Services Advanced Threat ProtectionEmail Encryption and Email Archiving on a collaborative email platform. Comprehensive protection against targeted and highly complex threats and optimized and legally compliant extension of email management.

The Hornet.email Add-On
(for existing customers)

With the Hornet.email Add-On you can easily add as many mailboxes as you like as an existing Hornetsecurity customer. Each mailbox is hosted by Hornetsecuritys server and receives exactly the same protection as the already existing mailboxes.

Diverse settings options and intuitive operation

1. This is what your mailbox looks like

2. Categorize all contacts in your address book

3. Wide range of settings for the email inbox

4. Different setting options in the calendar

5. Comprehensive filter and search functions

Exemplary representation of the integration
of Hornet.email in the email management system

Users can access Hornet.email and all features from all popular PCs and mobile devices. Depending on the capabilities of the end device, the protocols Exchange ActiveSync, IMAPS, SMTPS, CalDAV as well as Autodiscover and Autoconfig are provided for bilateral synchronization of the Hornet.email mailbox with any number of devices and clients per user

Further advantages of Hornet.email at a glance

“Allow list” and “deny list”

Authorized users can maintain personal allow lists and deny lists. The configuration can be done in different ways: e.g. the Hornetsecurity Control Panel or the Spamreport.

Guaranteed Availability

The availability of email traffic via SMTP and Hornet.email interfaces and Webinterface is up to 99.99% on an annual average.

Automatic Archiving

Once a day, all mail in the mailbox is backed up. This backup is kept for 14 days.

Automated Encryption via TLS

Emails are transmitted via a TLS-encrypted channel if the other party supports TLS transmission.

Compliance Filter

Create specific rules for automated application to inbound and outbound email.

Content Filter for File Attachments

Unwanted attachments can be rejected or quarantined. Adjustable content filter for unwanted attachments, protection against malware and enforcement of company policies. Adjustable size limitation of emails protects against impairment of the mail server and mail traffic due to excessive data volume.