Email Fraud

RM161,425 have just been transferred to the wrong account

Unfortunately, this is not April fool joke. In 2014, InternetNow have witness a spike of fraud cases peaking on daily cases on early April.

*Based on real life case

Is your company a victim of email fraud?

The typical pattern goes this way

The fraudster assume the identity of a valid contact person that receives payment

TT and Swift code and a different Bank Account provided

The admin or accounting staffs transfer the funds

Email fraud is on the rise!

Email fraud is on the rise as targeted parties both on the receiver and sender’s side keep the news silent about the incident for reputation sake. Monetary loss would be nearly impossible to recover given the fraudster operation of using accounts that are either offshore or locally not tied to the individual directly.There is no point to point fingers at the staffs involved as they are mostly financial personnel and not I.T wizards. Instead to prevent this from happening, implement a viable solution that not only solves this issue but raises the security level of your organization and confidence from paying clients.

How fraudster fake an email?

Did you know?

It is very easy to send an email on behalf of somebody. You don’t even need to have access to the user’s account.

However, to ensure that when the recipient replies to the fake email, the email goes to the fraudster, the REPLY-TO address is used. These info are hidden when you read your emails.

Cloud-based Email Security Solution

With our cloud-based email security system, you will be alerted by such emails through the subject.

Antispameurope is a cloud-based email security solution. That means it works with any email system that you are using. It can filter spam & virus emails, backup your mails, and provide encryption.

Solution is Now Available!

Practical solution is now available from InternetNow! that effectively prevent this fraud from happening where the root is, the leak of the emails transactions. Download the whitepaper now or contact our specific Email Fraud solution consultant at +6 016-262 2321 or +6 016-262 0854 .

Preventing Today’s Email Fraud – Whitepaper

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